February 24, 2017

Welcome to #FeministFridays, a new series where we share the stories of badass local feminists in the communities we're visiting who are doing amazing things! 

For our very first edition, we are delighted to turn the spotlight onto Asociación Ve-la Luz, a...

December 10, 2015

Transitioning into travel is not an easy task. Don’t get me wrong here, it is very doable. It just takes a little tenacity. In fact, I would go as far as to say the easiest documentation as a U.S Citizen to access as a trans person may just be the Passport. Here’s why:


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We believe that all bodies are borderless and that community building and transparency

are crucial to a sustainable world. We've decided to meet our neighbors all around the world

in order to provide visibility and resources.

Two rad queers romping around the world in hopes of connecting, building community, and sharing resources.

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