January 12, 2017


Every culture has its own practices, customs, and traditions. When traveling, it's important to be aware of and respect the communities you're entering, so you can travel harmoniously without stepping on anyone's toes or unintentionally insulting someone's grandmother.

And so, without further ado, I present:

How Not To Be A Douchebag: Cuba Edition*

1. Tip your bathroom attendant.

Always carry change so you can tip the bathroom a...

January 9, 2017

The city is warm and sticky, the way a one-night stand is, lying beside you in bed. It doesn’t look like you thought it would, but still there are remnants of the magic you imagined before you got here.

The old colonial architecture and classic Chevy’s hint at what things used to be. Your memory knows there is more, but this is not a memory you have. It is a memory that has you. You aren’t in bed with a lover. You wake up and y...

January 7, 2017

It wasn't easy getting to Cuba, but it was certainly worth it. My dream was to see Cuba before American chain hotels started popping up everywhere and American tourists arrived in droves demanding that Cuba look and act in a particular way that made them comfortable, and strip huge parts of identity away.

I wanted to see Cuba as Cuba. One of my dearest friends is Cuban and visits regularly, the stories of her fathers homeland a...

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