Who are the folks bringing you Travelin Queeries?

Travelin Queeries is brought to you by two rad queers who came up empty after extensively seeking accessible information on travel for queer and trans folx, and so decided to put the information

out there themselves.


Thus began their adventure, their mission leading them to explore the bureaucracy of paperwork and

the angst of airport security checks; to navigate public bathrooms and prescription-medication imports;

to seek safe spaces and build community while journeying through all corners of the globe.

B has the roots of a southern weeping willow and

the limbs of a California summer.

Nomadic by nurture, seeker by nature.

Most likely a sea turtle in a past life, or perhaps an elephant. I’d say a sloth, but those are too trendy. B doesn’t do small talk, and prefers the deep questions they were raised not to ask. They dive into new adventures like a bowl of ice cream after a breakup. B has scary good observational skills, lots of ideas, a penchant for poetry, and loves long talks about all facets of life and queer/trans identity.

Pronouns: He/Him/They/Them

Lauren is a linguistic magician. She is a fierce femme flower.

Her smile makes up 46% of her face,

her forest eyes make up a similar percentage.

A traveling soul, with a penchant for making friends wherever she goes. She’s hiked mountains in 4 inch heels, and even when packing small, she makes room for cowgirl boots. Lauren has mad writing/editing skills, speaks 4 languages, learning a 5th, and knows how to tear up a dance floor. She has a passion for social justice, queer identity, community building and organizing.

Pronouns: She/Her